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Sue Williams

Administration, Taber

I work in the admin department (we are also known as the A-Team). There is always something different to do. We greet clients, handle phone calls, direct traffic, help clients and team members and do many other things to help our office run smoothly. I enjoy my job and working with the  great team in Taber. 

If I Could Go Back in Time
Maybe I’d try harder in my high school typing class as I failed it. 

Bravest Moment
Was  going parasailing over the ocean with my oldest son in Hawaii. It was actually very peaceful and wonderful up there – I’d so it again in a heartbeat.

My Favorite Thing to Do
Weeding in my garden and flowerbeds. It's quiet and peaceful to do. (When my kids were growing up they actually left me alone since they did not want to help.) Also, spending time with my grandkids.  I love doing things with them.

Best Advice
I ever received was from my mom-in-law. If you need help or want something done, tell your husband. Hints, clues and “isn’t it obvious?” don’t work. It has saved my marriage.

If I Could Live Anywhere
I’d still live in Taber.  I love our community. 

Sue Williams Sue Williams