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Human Resources is so much more than just hiring new employees. From policies and procedures, to dealing with sick leave, overtime, compensation, terminations, workplace conflicts, and of course, ensuring that all of this is done in accordance with employment laws. But don't worry - our HR Consulting can help you with all of it.

Let's talk about your policy and procedure manuals. First off, do you have any? We can help you develop those. We'll work closely with your organization to cover everything from basic employment standards to detailed health and safety procedures. And in addition to custom tailoring it to your organization, we'll also keep everything in line with the most up-to-date legislation.

HELP WANTED. Is it time to recruit a new employee, or possibly multiple new hires? Let us take care of the entire process for you - from advertising to interviews to hiring. We'll make sure they're not only a good fit for the position, but also a great fit for your team. And as an added bonus, our flat fees are typically cheaper than the standard percentage-of-salary rates.

Good work starts with a good workplace. Are your employees happy? We'll help you answer that by taking a deep-dive into your organization's culture. If there is room for improvement, we can help facilitate leadership coaching or team-building workshops. If compensation comes into question, we can help with performance reviews and wage scales. And if there are conflicts, we can assist with resolution strategies, or in those unfortunate instances, with terminations.

Human Resources is a complex undertaking. So let's work together to minimize your time spent on HR, and maximize your employee satisfaction.

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HR Consulting Services We Offer

Coaching Human rights Recruiting
Compensation Interviews Sick leave
Employment legislation Overtime Team building
Employment standards Performance reviews Terminations
Government programs Policy development Wage scales
Health and safety Procedure development Workshops

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