You can upload files to Avail CPA using either of the following two methods.

Upload files to your ShareFile account
Upload files to a specific Team Member

Upload files to your ShareFile account

By logging in to ShareFile, you can directly add files to your private account. If you require help accessing or using your ShareFile account, please visit our ShareFile Help page.

Upload files to a specific Team Member

By using the form below, you can upload files to a specific Avail CPA Team Member.

• Select the Team Member from the Recipient dropdown list
• Complete the Email, First Name, Last Name, Company (if applicable), and Notes fields
• Drag your selected file(s) on to the Drag files here, or select Browse files
• Once you have added all of the files you would like to send, click on the Upload button
• When the file(s) are successfully uploaded the word Uploaded will appear beside them


If you have any questions or need help uploading files, please contact your local Avail office or message the Avail CPA Help Desk using the form below.


Please Note You do not need to submit this form when uploading files. Once your files have been uploaded, the relevant Team Member(s) will be automatically notified.