Tax is a hate-love relationship. You hate it. We love it.

Looking for someone to help with your tax, compliance, and all of the implications?

You would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced tax team - we've been doing this since 1933. So whether your needs are personal or business, we're going to ensure that you have the highest level of compliance, with the lowest amount of tax, and detailed insights on how all of it is going to affect your financial goals and planning.

Complex returns require complex strategies. Sure, submitting a personal tax return is something you're required to do, but it's not that simple. How will it affect your financial plan, your personal wealth, or your retirement plan? What about your business, your family, or your estate? Our tax professionals will analyze every tax scenario, develop a personalized strategy, and ensure that your return is providing the maximum benefit for you and your goals.

Make your corporate tax work for you. Almost every business transaction is going to have tax implications. This is where our robust tax planning experience comes into play. We'll minimize your organization's tax exposure while ensuring you're compliant at all times. And then we'll keep going - we'll provide advisory on your corporate structuring, diagnose effects on your growth strategy, and help identify any tax opportunities.

Indirect taxes still have a direct impact. Indirect taxes can have a significant effect on your business. Whether it's GST, HST or PST, we'll help you to manage your responsibilities for each, confirm their accuracy, and uncover any possible refunds.

We have close to a century of tax experience, and we want to put that extensive knowledge to work for you. Because at the end of the day, you just want to pay less tax, and we want you to keep more of your money.

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Tax services we offer

Business advisory Financial planning PST
Business tax Growth strategy Retirement planning
Compliance GST Tax minimization
Corporate structuring HST Tax planning
Corporate tax Indirect tax Tax reorganization
Estate planning Personal tax Wealth management

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