Dealing with the law requires an expert, because the numbers don't lie.

Looking for someone to provide accounting support for your legal matters?

Conflicts occur on a daily-basis. If you find yourself entangled in one that has the potential for legal involvement, our Litigation Support team is here to help ensure that your financial disputes are expertly supported by sound fiscal review, in-depth analysis, and real values.

It may be unfortunate, but divorce happens. The aftermath of a separation can be complicated. Who gets this? Who gets that? How much is it worth? What about the business? Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA) will work closely with you and any legal representatives to perform a detailed financial analysis, income calculation, or business valuation. We can even give you a financial preview of what everything will look like post-divorce.

Your losses deserve fair compensation. Suffering damages is an unpleasant experience, and one that can be made worse by receiving inadequate financial compensation. Our team of experts can help to quantify that loss, from basic income to business interruption, providing a much deeper insight than what might appear on the surface.

Being shareholders doesn't mean you always agree. More control, less control, death, and divorce - they can all result in shareholder disputes. Our in-depth analysis will assign real values so that discussions aren't centered around misinformed perceptions.

Ultimately, our goal is to work towards solutions that help you avoid going to court. With decades of experience, our expertise is a proven asset in achieving this. However, in the instances where court is unavoidable, our team will help you through every step of the process.

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Litigation Support services we offer

Financial preview Matrimonial
Business valuation Income calculation Post-divorce financial
Divorce Lawyer support Property values
Estate disputes Legal support Share values
Expert testimony Loss compensation Shareholder dispute
Financial analysis Loss quantification

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