We can be the cure to a lot of your headaches.

Looking for someone to take care of all your business services so that you don't have to?

We get it. Your primary concern is the wellbeing of your patients, not things like bookkeeping and payroll. It's time to unload all those time-consuming tasks onto us.

Why use multiple service providers when we can do it all right here? Yes, we can do your taxes, but we can also take care of your bookkeeping, payroll and even your human resources. Ready for the next step? Our advisory services will assist you with corporate structuring, partnerships, and valuations for sales and acquisitions. Need even more? Let's have a look at your salary-dividend mix, spousal income sharing, or your retirement planning. The list goes on and on, but the point is, we can take of almost everything for you.

Congratulations, you graduated! Now what...? Now that you have an income stream, you should have a strategic plan in place to maximize that money now, and help you get to where you want to be in the future. We can guide you in creating a professional corporation, get ahead with tax planning, and advise you on what makes the most business sense for you and your specific goals. A little bit of initial planning can go a long, long way.

You've made some money, so how can it benefit you the most? This is where Avail Wealth comes in. Our dedicated team of experts can help you with those critical financial planning decisions surrounding wealth management, retirement planning, reviewing your portfolio, and estate planning. You put in a lot of work for that money, so now let us put it to work for you.

In conclusion, time is money, so let's keep this short. Take all of those services, and all of that burden, and pass it on to us. We're happy to do it, and we're really good at it, too.

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Healthcare Professionals services we offer

Accounting Financial
Bookkeeping GST/HST
Incorporation Sales
and acquisitions
income sharing
structure and reorganization
and joint ventures
Payroll Wealth

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"We are completely taken care of in all aspects by Avail, and trust them completely with our Professional Corporation. Having complete trust in your accountant and the entire Avail firm is the most beneficial thing about our relationship."

Dr. Mark Fernhout MD, FRCSC


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