Let's turn you into a lean, mean (or nice) manufacturing machine.

Looking for someone to help you maximize productivity and minimize waste?

Increase output, reduce costs. It's a basic operating principle of the manufacturing industry, and we can help you achieve both of those.

Accurate costs make for accurate decisions. If want your business to be more efficient, you need to have a solid understanding of how adjusting each piece is going to affect the bigger picture. Without accurate costing, you're just guessing. From works-in-progress to finished goods, and all of the materials and labor in between, we can help make sure that you're making informed decisions based on real numbers.

You're no stranger to the benefits of automation. Neither are we. Our team of experts can get your bookkeeping setup online with real-time updates that can be viewed on almost any device, any time, from anywhere. And no matter what system you're currently using, we can seamlessly make the conversion for you.

You can't manufacture good advice. Our business advisory services are based on decades of real-world experience. We can help you improve gross margins with a profit improvement analysis, work to create a benchmark to see how you compare to similar organizations, or even assist you with creating policy and procedure manuals. Yeah, we do a lot more than just taxes.

You like efficiency. We like efficiency. So let's connect and see how our extensive service offerings can work together to help you streamline your business.

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Manufacturing services we offer

Benchmarking Financial planning Payroll management
Bookkeeping HR consulting Profit improvement
Business advisory Inventory management SR&ED
Business valuations Lean consulting Succession planning
Cash flow improvement Online accounting Tax planning
CFO services Online bookkeeping Workflow automation

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