It's time to start benefitting from all the data your business collects.

Looking for someone to interpret your business's data and provide you with valuable insights?

Your business generates a lot of different numbers. Which ones are the most important? What's the best way to keep track of them all? And are you getting the maximum benefit from all that information? We can help simplify it and put all that valuable data to work for you, making your business much more informed and much more efficient.

What is Data Analytics? We take all of your raw business data, our team of experts analyze it, then we present that information to you in an easy-to-understand visual format (dashboard) that you can quickly access to make more informed decisions. Because whether you're actively thinking about it or not, your business is collecting a ton on information every single day - inventory, sales transactions, accounts receivable, accounts payable, revenue, cash flow, margins, etc. Our Data Analytics service will help your business better understand, and benefit from all of it.

How does it help my business? Knowledge is power, and the more you know about your business, the bigger your competitive advantage. The easy-to-read visual dashboards we create for you allow you to see your business's important information in a single glance, helping you to make better, faster, evidence-based decisions. Having real-time access to your custom dashboards will also allow you to uncover the true story behind large volumes of data, evaluate complex information from multiple sources in one single location, exclude outdated, irrelevant information, and even help identify new revenue streams.

Tell me more about how the process works.

1) STRATEGY - Our Business Advisory team will help you define and determine what your goals are and figure out the best Data Analytics strategy to achieve them.
2) COLLECTION - We identify all of your data sources, collect all of the information from them, and then clean all of it up in an easy-to-read format.
3) VISUALIZATION - Our team compiles all of that clean data into a simplified visual dashboard that provides interactive, real-time information that your business can use to make confident, informed, data-driven decisions.
4) SUPPORT - Our team will continue to support your dashboards, ensuring that all information is accurate, aligned with your goals, and will modify the data reported if your organization's needs change over time.

Sample dashboard Want to take one of our dashboards for a test drive? Use the VIEW DASHBOARD button below and you can change all of the variables, test whatever you want to specifically test, and view the resulting outputs in real-time.

So let's take all of your spreadsheets, all of your reports, and all of your data, and put it in one single dashboard that will give you the ability to see everything that is happening, predict future outcomes, and give your business the benefit of being driven and informed by real-time data and superior insights.

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Data Analytics Services We Offer

Benchmarking and
Data cleaning and aggregation Microsoft Power BI
Business performance measurements Data governance and security Operational inefficiencies monitoring
Cost reduction identification Data insights Process improvement
Custom reports Data support and training Real-time data tracking
Dashboards Industry performance analysis Strategy analysis
Data analysis Key Performance
Indicator (KPI) tracking
Website and social media analytics

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