Brett works with Health Care Professionals, Small Businesses and Construction clients to simplify their compliance work so they can focus on the value-added work. Brett also helps clients create a forward-looking plan, ensuring their best financial future.

Through bookkeeping automation or preparing tax filings, Brett creates efficiency improvements for businesses. He also enjoys doing financial planning with clients to help focus on their personal long-term goals. Brett prides himself on building a relationship with owners, listening to what they're working on and where they want things to go, and being able to help them to realize their goals. The clients he works with take advantage of new technology to make the administration of their businesses easier. This means that instead of talking about how to improve or what needs to be fixed in their books, Brett’s clients get to focus to their future and concentrate on their craft.

Brett is an active volunteer in his community, working with youth at his church as a guide to help them develop leadership skills through teaching and activities and spent two years volunteering as a missionary.

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