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The Ultimate CFE Survival Guide (2019)

Everything has lead to this: The Common Final Examination or 'CFE'. Our most recent CPA, Courtney, shares her tips and tricks to help you thrive during this stressful time.

Stethoscope, calculator and savings jar on table

10 Tax Tips for Medical Residents

The transition to residency brings many changes to your financial situation. Find out 10 things you will want to consider to maximize your bottom line.

Avail and Ann Tollestrup join - Venn diagram

Ann Tollestrup joins the Avail team

A great new partnership in Milk River.

Grampa and grandchild laughing

4 Dad Jokes that Teach the Benefits of Using Digital Receipt Capture

Learn about the benefits of using digital receipt capture and get some new dad jokes at the same time! Win-Win.

Business woman thinking

Do You Need a Policy Manual?

Creating or updating a company policy may sound overwhelming and maybe even a little boring, but it provides enormous benefits. We've listed the 5 most important reasons.

The One Ring from Lord Of The Rings

What "The Lord of the Rings" Can Teach Us About Cloud Accounting

Imagine your accounting backed with awesome power: While we can't provide you with 'the One Ring', moving to the cloud is your accounting's equivalent.

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