February 8 2022 | Tax

Medical expenses you can claim on your 2021 tax return

View the list of over 100 items to see if any of your expenses qualify for a tax credit.

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February 1 2022 | COVID-19 , Tax

Worked from home during the pandemic? Claim these expenses

See if you're eligible to claim your home office expenses and reduce the amount of income you pay tax on.

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December 7 2021 | Non-Profit , Tax

The basics of issuing charitable donation receipts

Learn more about the do's and don'ts of issuing donation receipts in Canada.

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September 13 2021 | Tax , Wealth Management

Three benefits of opening an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)

Now that kids are back in school, it's time to start thinking about saving for their future education.

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September 7 2021 | Agriculture , Subsidies , Tax

Applications are now open for the AgriRecovery Livestock Feed Assistance Initiative

The program helps address the costs incurred by Alberta’s livestock producers due to reduced grazing capacity caused by dry weather and high temperatures.

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August 16 2021 | COVID-19 , Subsidies , Tax

CEWS or CRHP, which subsidy should you apply for?

The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and Canada Recovery Hiring Program are both available for claim periods 17 to 20.

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August 11 2021 | Agriculture , Tax

Prescribed regions for 2021 Livestock Tax Deferral announced

Drought and flood regions have been defined earlier than usual this year and could influence your Livestock Tax Deferral.

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June 22 2021 | Bookkeeping , Cloud Accounting , Tax

Free online seminar - Operational Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate

We have teamed up with Re-Leased to present an online seminar that will cover various topics related to Operational Efficiency in Commercial Real Estate.

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March 25 2021 | Tax

Get a tax credit to help with the cost of eligible training fees

The Canada Training Credit (CTC) may be claimed for tuition and other fees paid for courses you have taken.

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February 26 2021 | COVID-19 , Tax

Receive $561 from the Working Parents Benefit

Working parents who have children in either licensed or unlicensed child care may be eligible for this new one-time benefit.

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February 25 2021 | COVID-19 , Tax

Claiming office expenses if you worked from home due to COVID-19

The CRA has added some new provisions to make it easier to submit a claim.

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February 16 2021 | Tax

122 medical expenses you can claim on your tax return

If you paid for healthcare expenses, you may be able to claim them and receive a non-refundable tax credit.

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