Avail CPA uses a secure file transfer service called ShareFile to upload and store your electronic documents.

Below, you will find instructions on how to use ShareFile. Click on a specific topic for more information or scroll down to view all.

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Logging In
Accessing Folders
Uploading Files Through The Website
Uploading Files Through The App
Viewing And Downloading Files



Files can be sent and received using either a mobile device or computer.  

Mobile Devices The Citrix Files app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.

Computers To access ShareFile on a computer, use any web browser and visit availcpa.sharefile.com

Subdomain If you are prompted for the account’s subdomain, enter availcpa

Forgotten Password If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link to have a new password link emailed to you.


Once you are successfully logged in, you will see your private folder that contains two main folders. 

My Uploads This folder contains folders for each year where you can upload any files or images related to that year’s tax return. 

Tax Returns This folder is where the Avail CPA team will upload your completed tax return. 


To upload files, simply drag any files to a folder on the ShareFile website.

Alternatively, you can hover over the blue circle icon with a plus sign (+) and select Upload. This will allow you to browse for your files on your device to upload, however, you must manually press the upload button in the bottom left part of the screen to start the upload process. A progress bar will show you when the upload is complete. 

Multiple Files Multiple files can be uploaded at once, and if you are using Google Chrome, folders can also be uploaded.

Deleting Files Any files that you wish to remove can be deleted by selecting them and clicking Delete.


To upload from the app, browse to the specific folder you would like to upload to and press the white/blue plus sign (+). This will allow you to choose an existing file from your device or to take a new photo of a document to upload.


You will receive an email notification once your tax return has been uploaded. Either click the link in the email or browse to the Tax Returns folder to find the new file.

Downloading Returns Clicking the file will allow you to view it immediately, or you can select the file and press Download to save a copy.   

Retention Policy Completed tax returns will have a 10 year retention policy on the website from the day they were uploaded.


If you have any questions or need help with ShareFile, please contact your local Avail office or message the Avail CPA Help Desk using the form below.

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