Jennifer works with farming and small business clients to provide various compliance and proactive strategic plans. Her past industry experience helps Jennifer implement day-to-day processes that keep her clients on track with the multitude of issues that impact their businesses.

Growing up in a small agricultural community in Saskatchewan and living most of her adult life in a small agricultural community in Southern Alberta, makes understanding the issues that impact the agricultural sector second nature for Jennifer. She is excited to see that the young generation is returning to farming, promising future strength within the industry.

When she obtained her CGA designation, she graduated among the top 10 students in Alberta. Since then, Jennifer built the business plan for the Vauxhall office and championed it for the 13+ years that it has been open. Many of her clients look for guidance and direction on where to take their business next and how to accomplish this. For some, this means transition planning, for others, it means fixing current issues, and others yet need to find new ways to grow. The most satisfying part for Jennifer is being able to help a client understand and solve the various problems that they bring to the table.

Jennifer is an active member in her community, having been the treasurer for the Vauxhall and Area Foodbank and Vauxhall Business Society prior to her moving. She is a founding member and president of the Vauxhall & District Chamber of Commerce

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