Rose specializes in providing CFO and bookkeeping services to clients in Agriculture and Small Business clients.

The most rewarding part of CFO services for Rose is finding new ways to help clients work through various pain points that can slow down their business progression. Each business has its unique challenges and little things that can add up to become large problems. Rose enjoys getting to know clients and their businesses and implementing small changes to their systems that can have a large impact on how day-to-day processes run.

Rose is excited by working through the myriad of challenges and problems businesses face. Though she has amassed a wealth of expertise in the field, each client has their own unique situation, keeping her constantly learning.

Rose gives back to her community as the treasurer for the Friends of St. Mary's Foundation, the Finance Council Chair and volunteers for St. Augustine's and St. Joseph's Church parishes. Additionally, she is a coach for St. Mary's School girls basketball teams.

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