Brandi works closely with Agriculture producers to help them navigate the unique challenges of the industry and grow their business. She is proud to work with many producers of livestock, crops and forages, as well as clients in the support industries for Ag.

Brandi ensures that producers are working with the best financial information available to inform their decisions and run their operations. It is rewarding for her to connect clients with the specific programs for their industries and see them reap the benefits of their hard work. Brandi knows that farmers and ranchers are some of the best people around: They work hard to ensure a high quality food supply that is sustainable and economical and have a deep sense of care about their land, their livelihoods and their communities. The ability to be a part of it is what Brandi finds gratifying and why she settles for only the best for her clients. Brandi has been on several boards of directors and volunteered at various community Agriculture related events. She doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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