Cassie provides CFO, Tax, and Business Advisory services to a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. As a business owner herself and having grown up in a family-owned business, she appreciates and can relate to business owners.

Being able to help owners with their business-related challenges and helping them find solutions to problems is what Cassie loves about her work. She finds that helping people navigate through a large challenge and finding a solution that provides clarity and confidence in their decision to be very rewarding. Clients who own and operate family run businesses appreciate the fact that she has similar first-hand experience. Her goal is for business owners to spend less time working ‘in their business’ and more time working ‘on their business’.

Cassie is very involved with the local community. She currently serves as the director for the Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Pincher Creek Women in Business, an advisor for Women in STEM, and advisor for RINSA program.

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