Nadine’s expertise lies in first-rate audits for nonprofits and creating comprehensive estate plans for individuals.

She enjoys working with people and helping them work through Estate issues, whether it be before or after someone passes. Nadine uses her expertise to help clients save money and reduce the stress that comes from dealing with an Estate. She also works on a number of audits every year, aiming to provide a best-in-class experience. Whether it be audit, tax, estate or business, Nadine has built a strong relationship with all her clients. The large variety of issues she faces is challenging but it is what has helped shape Nadine into one of the best advisors in Southern Alberta. She credits the diverse business landscape in southern Alberta with her vehement effort to improve her skills and expand her knowledge.

Nadine is actively involved in the greater community through sports, whether it be volunteering for hockey or tennis. She also enjoys using her experience gained at Avail to assist the community in a volunteer role.

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