Jennifer works with Not-For-Profit and Public Sector clients, helping with audits, outsourced CFO services and advisory.

Jennifer finds audits rewarding to work on because each client is a new opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship. Typically, audit engagements extend over a longer period of time, and she often gets to work with the same organization year after year. She appreciates the consistency, familiarity and opportunity to provide additional services and advice to clients, such as control environment suggestions. By working closely with nonprofit organizations, she sees the crucial work they provide Lethbridge and southern Alberta, and is proud to be of service to them.

Jennifer has expanded her role by taking on more work as an outsourced CFO. She thoroughly enjoys getting to see the 'other side' of an engagement through this work. The clients she works with have a good understanding of their organization, allowing her to focus on develop growth opportunities and provide suggestions for improvements to efficiency. She draws inspiration from the passion and dedication her clients put into their organizations.

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