Deb has a rich and long-standing history auditing various Not-For-Profit and Public Sector organizations. She has become a true expert in the field and plays a crucial role imparting this knowledge to new Avail team members.

Deb enjoys auditing as it allows her to work with many different clients and organizations. She finds it exciting to be able to help clients with not only their compliance requirements but also day-to-day questions and also to look for areas for improvement potential. Most new clients tend to have a negative impression of audits. Deb sees this as an opportunity to show how the Avail experience is different. She uses her expertise to help clients navigate changes such as organizational changes, reporting requirement changes or changes to the audit standards.

She works with many not-for-profits, each organization being unique in its own right. Deb values being able to learn more in-depth about the organization and why they do it. One thing they all have in common is their passion for their work. This bears a responsibility for Deb and her team to give their best with every audit.

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