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Jennifer Wallace

Administration, Vauxhall

I am a recent addition to the Avail CPA team as an Administrative Technician in the Vauxhall office. I started in June 2014 and have enjoyed meeting everyone who walks through our doors and greeting them with a big smile! Whether it’s answering the phones or inputting data, to making sure we don’t run out of paper and pens, I take care of the little details that help the office run smoothly…so when a cookie run is needed, I’m the one to call! There are so many great learning opportunities at Avail CPA, I look forward to continue learning and growing as I work!!

Facts and Tidbits
Star Trek or Star Wars – Both. I grew up watching all of those with my Dad and I love watching them now…but you can’t call me a nerd about it. I don’t know any of the languages or symbols or names of anything, I just like to watch them lol!

Interesting Scar
…Well almost interesting scar. I dropped a mug and while trying to catch it, it broke and cut my middle finger and I had to get 2 stitches. While it was healing, it started to look like the thingy on their shirts in Star Trek that they would hit and say “Beam me up Scotty”(see previous fact)…and I was pretty excited to have a Treky mark for a scar! But it didn’t stay that way…it’s just an upside down V now. Not exciting at all.

Proudest Moment
I did the Color Me Rad 5km in Calgary this summer…and I finished it looking all bright and without gasping for breath!! I just started jogging this year, and have fallen in LOVE with it!! Never could have done it without the zombie on my phone chasing me!!

Zombies or Vampires
Obviously zombies if I’m going to train for a race with one lol!

Jennifer Wallace Jennifer Wallace