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Jennifer Wallace

Administration, Vauxhall

I have been the Director of First Impressions in our Vauxhall office since June 2014 and have loved the wide variety of work I get to be involved in! From greeting our amazing clients when they walk in the building or over the phone to imputing data and making sure we don’t run out of paper and pens, I take care of all the little details that help keep our office running smoothly! So if you need a cookie run to keep your energy up, I’m the one to call! There are so many learning opportunities at Avail CPA, my job is constantly changing and now includes bookkeeping as well!

Facts and Tidbits

Star Trek or Star Wars 

Both. I grew up watching all of those with my Dad and I love watching them now…but you can’t call me a nerd about it. I don’t know any of the languages or symbols or names of anything, I just like to watch them!

Interesting Scar
…Well almost interesting scar. I dropped a mug and while trying to catch it, it broke and cut my middle finger and I had to get 2 stitches. While it was healing, it started to look like the thingy on their shirts in Star Trek that they would hit and say “Beam me up Scotty”(see previous fact)…and I was pretty excited to have a Treky mark for a scar! But it didn’t stay that way…it’s just an upside-down V now. Not exciting at all.

Cats or Dogs
I have had both cats and dogs in the past and love them both equally, but at the moment I have a St. Bernard - Bernese Mountain Dog - Labrador mix and he is my world! Benjamin (or Benjamin Michael when he is up to no good) is a big cuddly goof that loves to give me good morning hugs! He was the only one out of his siblings to have a white coat with a few brown spots…with his personality, I think I got the pick of the litter!

Best Airport Story
For my sister’s 13th birthday, my sisters and I were surprised with a trip out to Vancouver to visit family. It was our first time flying anywhere! While waiting for the plane to take off, there was an announcement that a VIP was on board…my sister! After we got up in the air, we were brought up to the cockpit to meet the pilots and were given our own set of wings. The view from the cockpit was amazing! When it was time to land, my sister was taken up to the cockpit again. She got to sit up with the pilots for the landing! It was a once in a lifetime plane ride we will never forget!

Jennifer Wallace Jennifer Wallace