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Sally Turner

CPA Candidate, Lethbridge

I started at Avail CPA in October 2019 and I am looking forward to working through and completing my CPA designation. 

Random Fact
I love knitting! My mom has taught me everything I know about knitting from when I started in 2012 and she continues to teach me as I take on new projects. I love knitting because I am able to be creative with each project and personalize the items I make. As well, I enjoy the flexibility to make it as challenging or relaxing as wanted. The jacket in the above photo was the first sweater I ever knitted!

If I had to do it over again
If I was to go back to school again I would pursue either a computer science degree or an electrician apprenticeship. I would choose computer science because I would love to learn more about how computers work and how I could better utilize all they have to offer. However, I am also interested in taking an electrician apprenticeship, because this trade is something I don’t know much about and I believe it would be valuable to know.

Best Drink
By far, I believe the best drink is water! Although, I tend to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea at work in the morning or enjoy a glass of white wine occasionally.

I Collect
Souvenir elongated coins (i.e. pressed pennies). I have over 20 pennies from various places/attractions.

Sally Turner Sally Turner