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Julie Torscher

Administration, Fort Macleod

I started working for Avail CPA in 2000 as the Director of First Impressions, advanced to accounting tech and I soon realized this was my thing. In 2004 I left Avail CPA but ultimately returned in 2015. I am a Supervisor/HR Director in the Fort Macleod Office.

I was once asked if I thought there was a difference between a career and a job and to me a job is something you have to do, a career is something you love to do. So here I am fulfilling my career with this exceptional team.

I’m passionate About
My family.

Best Road Trip
Seven of us climbing into a van at 4am and heading to Disneyland on our family vacation.

Bravest Moment
Overcoming my insecurities and testing for my Black Belt in martial arts.

Musical Instrument
There is nothing better than a saxophone.

Julie Torscher Julie Torscher