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Cody Russell

Marketing Coordinator, Lethbridge

As the Marketing Coordinator, I am looking forward to increasing the community’s awareness of Avail CPA and all the good we do within the community. I am beyond excited to bring my creativity and passion to work every day. To work with a company that reflects my values to help others is icing on the cake!

Professionals like Kobe Bryant, who put their life into their profession to be the best at what they do. I am inspired by dedication to hone one’s craft and the competitiveness required to perform better than others.

Places I’ve Lived
I have had the privilege to live in Germany for 8 years of my life. I went to elementary and junior high there and speak German fluently (although I need to practice it again).

Favorite Joke
What do fish make small talk about? Current events.

Articles by Cody Russell:

Cody Russell Cody Russell