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Samantha Riley

Accounting Technician, Claresholm

I started with Avail CPA in October 2019 in the position of an Accounting Tech. I’ve come to this company with a ten year back round of working in the customer service industry. I absolutely love helping clients and directing them in the right direction, it is my utmost desire to have a client leaving with a smile; knowing you could help someone and make their day a little easier is a very gratifying feeling for myself.

Country or Rock and Roll?

HA! Is that even a question… Most definitely Rock! I’m quite the metal head, and I’m obviously trying to breed the same traits into my kids!

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs! I’d be what they’d call the crazy dog lady! I’m super obsessed with dogs, especially big ones. I have a Springer/Cocker Spaniel mix and a Chocolate Lab.

Least Favorite Chore?

Laundry, anyone with kids will know that this task is NEVER ending…

Samantha Riley Samantha Riley