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Jason Noel

Accounting Technician, Fort Macleod

I am an Accounting Technician with Avail CPA, my specialty would have to be bookkeeping. I love my job because I provide a service to clients that is necessary and really fun to do. I look forward everyday to getting into the office and working on client files to provide them with what they need to successfully run their business. I have been working in the tax preparation/bookkeeping industry for just over 6 years now.

I Cheer For
The Montreal Canadians, I bring new definition to fanatic when it comes to the Bleu, Blanc & Rouge. I know they’ll get back to the cup someday but hey they have 24 already, more than ANY other team, just saying’.

Star Trek or Star Wars
Star Trek over Star Wars ANY day of the week, no one is better than Captain Jean-Luc Picard, although Commander Geordi LaForge has always been my favorite character. There is way more to like with Star Trek than Star Wars, more aliens, way cooler ships and many great TV series

My Least Favorite Chore
The dishes (as my wife can attest). I’ll do laundry till the cows come home before I’ll willingly wash dishes by hand. On rare occasion you may find me unloading or loading the dishwasher, but I try not to be seen as I don’t want it known that I do.

Jason Noel Jason Noel