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Warren Murley

Accounting Technician, Lethbridge

I started at Avail in January 2019 as an accounting technician. I graduated from the U of L in 2014 with a Management Degree. Before coming to Avail I spent over a decade in the Landscaping industry and have enjoyed the change of pace. I enjoy working with clients to help solve their payroll needs.


I was born and raised in Abbotsford, B.C. I loved growing up near mountains, lakes, the ocean. It was an adjustment when I moved to Alberta but have grown to love it here.

Best Holiday

The best holiday would be camping with family and friends. Somewhere we can swim, cook food on a fire, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


I love woodworking. Lately, I have been making furniture for our house. (Headboard, Shelves, etc.)

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Warren Murley Warren Murley