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Adry Harris

Accounting Technician, Vauxhall

I began working in the Vauxhall Office in January 2019 and so far, I am loving my job. I’ve always enjoyed numbers and the position of Accounting Technician is perfect for me. I enjoy the detail necessary for this career change and am a quick study in many areas, so I can learn how to serve our clients to the best of my ability.

Star Trek or Star Wars
I am a geek at heart and have a hard time deciding. Recent movies have all been fun, but I have a soft spot for Classic Trek, that Star Wars can’t beat.

Favorite Olympic event
For the Summer Olympics, I find myself enjoying Synchronized Diving. The speeding symmetry of the divers is fascinating to watch. As for the Winter Olympics, nothing beats Figure Skating.

Places I’ve Lived
I once counted it out and I have moved over twenty times in my life. Mostly I stayed in our wonderful province, going from central Alberta and working my way south, but there was a notable exception. I spent a wonderful year in Mombasa, Kenya when I was eleven years old.

Adry Harris Adry Harris