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Lena Giesbrecht

Accounting Technician, Vauxhall

I’m a new addition to Avail CPA as I started in the fall of 2016. I love learning and increasing my knowledge whenever possible. I help clients with their bookkeeping and I’m busy learning GST and income taxes among other things.  My desire for organization and having things match up plays right into my job description.

I enjoy meeting new people and love getting to know all of our clients. I firmly believe in learning something new every day and that there is no retirement for the brain. I’m very excited to see what knowledge my future as an accounting technician will bring.

If I Could Go Back in Time
I would visit the era of beautiful gowns, coming out seasons, and dowries. (But only to experience the wardrobe and ability to dress up every day. Who doesn’t want beautiful dresses?)

I Cheer For
The Calgary Flames. I’ll admit I only got into it, a little reluctantly, because of my husband but hey I’m a fan now! That’s all that matters!

Favorite Fairy Tale
Definitely Cinderella. Mostly because she wears my favourite colour: blue!

Ideal Day Off
Cuddling up with a blanket and my current literary obsession and escape reality for as long as I dare. 

Lena Giesbrecht Lena Giesbrecht