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Marlene Ford

Accounting Technician, Lethbridge

I am a bookkeeper for Avail CPA and thoroughly enjoy the detail and accuracy it entails. How I got here is my real story. In 1981 I had just moved to Lethbridge and although my background was in journalism I applied for a temporary file clerk job with an accounting firm. I was chosen to do data processing instead and the rest is history. That firm merged several times over the years, taking me with them, and my knowledge has expanded with accounting courses and QuickBooks Online at Avail CPA….. I am here by accident, or by design?

Places I’ve Lived
Nova Scotia where I was born, Toronto where I went to college.

I am Passionate About
My adorable grandchildren and my church where I teach the 8-10 year old youth group, a leader of our first impressions team, do foyer greeting, and take my turn in the nursery.

Guilty Pleasure
Milk chocolate chips – better hurry or they won’t make it to the cookie stage!

Best Drink
Pepsi: it goes with everything from toasted fried egg sandwiches to milk chocolate.

Marlene Ford Marlene Ford