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Sue Deak

Administration, Lethbridge

Working at Avail CPA has been anything but boring. I have worked in administration for 14 years and have been able to grow in many areas as the firm develops. I enjoy keeping people organized whether it is just with paper or with a process. I also enjoy helping those around meet their fullest potential: pushing team members, and clients, to ‘think beyond the box’.

My Philosophy
I believe that you can get more with a smile and ‘please’ than an order or complaint.

I'm Passionate About
Music (mostly classical – despite my girls' wishes), gardening (nothing beats a fresh tomato!) and mountain biking (I shall beat the west side hill). But my greatest passion is for my two beautiful girls that I love to watch as they adventure through life and grow and my husband who taught me the greatest lesson – forget yesterday, you can’t change it, quit worrying about tomorrow, it will come and live for today. 


Sue Deak Sue Deak