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Lorie Davidson

Accounting Technician, Taber

I have been a team member in the Taber office since 1997. As an accounting technician, I have worked with a variety of clients doing bookkeeping, payroll, personal taxes, and GST. I also provide technical support with Quickbooks and Simply Accounting/SAGE software. I enjoy my job! In my spare time, I like to spend time with family, bowl, read, do crossword puzzles, and garden.

My Movie Quirk
I enjoy watching movies with friends and family...when I can stay awake for them. You wouldn't believe how many opening credits I've seen. Sadly, that's quite often all I see of the movie.

Catch Phrases
I'm famous for a few sayings; my kids call them 'mom-isms'. Here are a few: "Oops slop, get the mop." "Cantaloupe tonight, dad's got the car." "We're off like a dirty shirt."

Best Vacation Spot
When my children were younger we took them to Disneyland for a week. We went as a big group with some cousins and extended family, and my hubby was the only male over 10 years old. What a trooper he was!

Favorite TV Show/Movie:
I love British humor. I will watch anything with Brits in it.

I have a Maltepoo named Jasper. He thinks he's more human than dog. He even gets depressed when I leave him for a few days, and then pouts when I'm back. It's like having another child sometimes!

Bet You Didn't Know
I used to be a Dental Assistant. Therefore I notice people's teeth. And if a child has a loose tooth, I feel a driving compulsion to relieve them of it.
I can play the clarinet. Yes, you read that correctly.
I was a cheerleader in High School. (I didn't want to add that, but my daughter insisted.)

My Pet Peeves
People who crack their knuckles.
Grammatrical errors and bad spelling.
When there's a line up of peple and someone leaves a big gap; I have to restrain myself from pushing them forward! 

Lorie Davidson Lorie Davidson