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Gloria Cyr

Administration, Taber

With the very cool title ‘Director of First Impressions’ I learned quickly that I had the power to make or break someone’s day by the way I greet them when they walk in the door. I believe it’s a not only my responsibility to make sure our clients have a good first impression when they walk in but a privilege to be able to take someone’s day and make it a bit brighter by the time they walk out (my mom would be so proud!).

Unknown Fact
Can play the clarinet but I love to sing! I get very nervous singing around people that know me but as long as practices with my singing partner and girlfriend involve wine it makes everything sound angelic, and you can’t play the clarinet while singing or drinking wine I’ve discovered!

Checked off the Bucket List
Recently took a trip to the Holy Land with my husband and some friends. One of the best things I did was float in the Dead Sea! Hint to any man that is thinking of going, don’t shave that morning!! Enough said.

Favorite Smells
My grandmother’s homemade bread while it’s baking. My Mayday tree in bloom and of course the lilacs that follow. But the best smell are babies freshly bathed. I was lucky – I had twins to enjoy.

Favorite meal:
2 #49 dinners with an order of crispy rolls with one extra roll and 2 Vietnamese coffees with Florence at the Siagonese Restaurant.

To Finish It Up
-Been at Avail CPA since 2002 and forced my children to be more independent and to contribute to the home – a good lesson for later in life, I’d say
-Been married to my high school sweetheart since 1983 and currently enjoying our empty nest and have discovered we love to travel!
-My license plate says ‘My heart belongs in Cape Breton’, born down east and live west but can’t take the eastern heart away.


Gloria Cyr Gloria Cyr