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Tracy Bydevaate

Administration, Taber

Being a part of the Admin team is both challenging and rewarding. I continue to learn new things and enjoy being able to help people. Every day is different and exciting in its own way and I work with an amazing team.

Favorite Holiday
Christmas has always been my favorite! It is mostly because winter has always been my favorite (apparently, according to most people, this makes me some sort of crazy person). I love the snow, the music, the decorations, and the spirit that comes with the Christmas season.

Musical Instruments
I am not any kind of crazy talented musician but I learned to play guitar many years ago and I love it! My favorite is playing at a campfire.

I love reading! If I have free time it is most likely that you will find me somewhere with a book and a cup of tea. I have two very full bookshelves and I am always looking for new books. I read almost anything depending on my mood but my favorite are mystery novels.

Tracy Bydevaate Tracy Bydevaate