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Janice Anderson

Accounting Technician, Taber

After choosing accounting as a career over my love of teaching, I’ve been able to incorporate both in my occupation as an Accounting Technician.  I do bookkeeping, income taxes, and tax returns, but every once in awhile I also have the opportunity to do some training.  I love experiencing those “a-ha” moments with trainees when things seem to come together and make sense.

I also enjoy working as a team, and over the past 19 years with Avail CPA, I have worked with some exceptional people.

I’m Passionate About
Running. And in particular about the Moonlight Run held every March in Lethbridge. I have been a participant for the past 24 consecutive years – sometimes the 6K, other times the 10K, depending on my training. It’s my diversion from a desk job.

Best Road Trip
Would have to be our one & only family holiday drive to Arizona. However, road trips in Alberta can also be amazing.  That’s how we discovered we have the Bleriot ferry right here in Alberta (one in seven actually)!

Best Film (That I’ve Stayed Awake For)
"That Thing You Do." It’s light-hearted and fun!

Bravest Moment
Going all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower AND opening my eyes at the top to look down!  Absolutely breathtaking!

Hidden Talents
Poetry. I love reading and writing poetry that rhymes and has rhythm. I would love to have been a “Dr. Seuss”. I could so do that!

Janice Anderson Janice Anderson