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Calvin Scott, CPA, CA, AMSF

Partner, Lethbridge

I was found in a field, clutching an abacus. I remember nothing before that moment in time. Some believe I am responsible for the modern day numerical system. 

I have a beautiful wife (Leah) and two children (Shea and Griffin) that do their best to keep me occupied and in line. 

My professional focus is shared by owner-managed businesses and not-for-profit clients. From start-up to transitioning, growth strategies to tax planning, I do it all for my business clients. Creating an audit process that is effective, painless and even fun is my goal for my not-for-profit clients. Regardless of the sector, I am passionate about developing relationships with my clients and being their go-to guy.

I was born in Vulcan. I am not a Star Trek fan, although I do find Leonard Nimoy to be rather fascinating!

Pet Peeve
Bikers (of the pedal variety). Are you a vehicle or a pedestrian? Pick one and stick with that decision. Don’t switch whenever it’s convenient for you. That’s how you get hit by real vehicles!

I collect...
Little tree air fresheners. They make the world smell better.


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