$700 million in funding has been announced by the Government of Canada through the Jobs and Growth Fund to help businesses and organizations create jobs and long-term growth.

The fund aims to achieve these objectives by supporting projects over the next three years that transition to a green economy, foster an inclusive recovery, future-proof through digital adoption, and strengthen capacity in critical sectors.

Who is eligible for this funding?

  • businesses
    - primarily small and medium sized enterprises, fewer than 500 FTEs
  • co-operatives
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • community economic development partners
  • indigenous organizations such as not for profits, and businesses, which include but are not limited to First Nations as represented by their Chief and Council, Tribal Councils, Indigenous Representative Organizations, Métis and Inuit organizations and Settlements as well as Indigenous/First Nation/Métis Settlement owned organizations

How much funding can I receive?

  • Eligible businesses could receive interest-free repayable contributions for up to 50% of eligible costs.
  • Eligible not-for profit organizations could receive non-repayable contributions for up to 90% of eligible costs.
  • Regional development agencies may contribute up to 100% of eligible project costs for projects with Indigenous clients.

The funding will be delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies (RDAs), providing $700 million nationally over 3 years, including up to $70 million dedicated to businesses created after January 2020 that meet eligibility criteria.

What can the funding be used for?

The program focuses on four main areas. Click on a heading below to see category-specific examples.

When can I apply?

The application process is open now and applications will be accepted on a continuous intake basis until March 31, 2024, or until all funding is fully allocated.

How do I apply?

Before submitting an application, consult the applicant guide.
When you are ready, complete and submit the Jobs and Growth Fund application form.

Can be this be used for any services that Avail offers?

If all other criteria is met, eligible services may include:

Bookkeeping and CFO Services

  • Converting from paper to digital If you are currently using paper-based bookkeeping, we can convert your organization over to online-based, electronic bookkeeping and you can finally get rid of all those paper documents.
  • Transitioning your software Our team of experts can take care of the entire process of transitioning your organization from your current accounting software to a cloud-based option.
  • Training your employees We are able to train your team members on day-to-day use and adoption of cloud-based software, and help to improve efficiencies and productivity along the way.


For more information about the Jobs And Growth Fund (JGF), please contact your local office or complete the contact form below.

Calvin Scott

Calvin Scott

Calvin’s professional focus is shared by owner-managed businesses and not-for-profit clients. From start-up to transitioning, growth strategies to tax planning, he has the expertise clients need.

Service Expertise: Audit , Business Advisory
Industry Expertise: Non-Profit , Public Sector , Construction

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