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Kate Miller, CPHR

HR Consultant, Lethbridge

Kate Miller is a Human Resources Consultant who is recognized for her high principals, calm demeanor, loyalty, and confidentiality. She understands the complex human resource needs of small to medium-sized businesses and is happy to provide ethical, confidential and non-judgmental expert advice and support.

Kate holds the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation and is a member of CPHR Alberta. She is a proud alumnus of the University of Lethbridge majoring in Human Resources and Labour Relations with a minor in Corporate Social Responsibility and Co-op Designation.

Best Holiday
Would be when I went as a Coop student and worked at a game reserve in Botswana. As a kid, I watched wildlife documentaries all the time, so for me it was like finally meeting those celebrities I’d seen my whole life. I got to pet cheetah’s (they purr!), help spay a hyena (fascinating anatomy), and take care of an orphaned baby baboon (bottle fed and he stared into my eyes, swoon). I lived in a traditional style hut, so I had to get used to baboons in our kitchen, snakes under my bed, and wall spiders everywhere that were larger than my hand. It was an incredible growing experience and I miss the animals… maybe not the spiders. 

Rapper name
Most of my clever sign in names derive from my rapper name: kmoto. It came from when my best bud and I were backpacking around Southeast Asia and we saw some Komodo dragons, is there anything cooler than a real live dragon? (they’re a lizard, but still). I feel I had lived up to the name as I have recently began rapping about HR Consulting at my presentations, and it has affirmed to me that I have made the right career choice, as rapping is not my strong suit (although fun).

Unknown Fact
I used to have an English accent! We went to London when I was very little and learning to talk for my dad to do his masters, when we returned, I had a cute English accent. It did go away, and you’d never know now because my English accent imitation has literally had people rolling on the floor laughing (at me, not with me).

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