In these difficult times, we recognize you may be dealing with a number of concerns for your own employees and business.

To assist with this, our HR Consulting team has created an editable Pandemic Policy Template that we encourage you to use for your organization if you do not currently have one in place, as well as a COVID-19 FAQ Sheet for Employers.

DOWNLOAD Pandemic Policy Template

DOWNLOAD COVID-19 FAQ Sheet for Employers

  • Depending on your industry, level of benefits covered, ability to work from home, etc. your specific policy will need to be edited to reflect this before it is distributed to your employees
  • A key piece of this policy is deciding how you are going to communicate with your team, so ensure that you have a system in place to quickly and efficiently update and communicate with all members
  • These are living documents that are frequently updated to reflect the response to this ongoing situation, so please check back for updates or visit


If you have any Human Resources-related questions or would like to request additional documents or resources, please contact Kate Miller, CPHR by completing the contact form below.

For a complete list of our COVID-19 resources for individuals and businesses, please visit

Kate Miller

Kate Miller

Kate Miller is Avail CPA's Human Resources Consultant. She works with various clients from small business owners to Enterprises to ensure their HR practices are top-notch.

Service Expertise: HR Consulting , Business Advisory
Industry Expertise: Law Services , Small Business , Construction

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