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HR Consulting

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Feeling a bit lost with your employees?

We use our HR expertise to teach and assist employers through every step of the employee life cycle, from coaching employers how to make intentional investments in the right people, to creating productive and rewarding teams.

Avail's HR Consulting services focus on: 


  • Finding the right person for your team

Policies And Procedures

  • Risk mitigation and awareness around requirements of you as an employer

Full HR Program

  • Job descriptions
  • Orientation
  • Performance management, evaluations and key performance indicators
  • Develop your Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • Create a strong company culture
  • HR information systems
  • Compensation and wage scales
  • Offboarding and terminations

Through implementing HR best practices, employers can increase employee productivity, recruit and retain the right people, and prevent costly mistakes. 

For more information, contact our HR Consulting expert, Kate Miller.

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