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Scott Rowland, CPA, CA

Partner, Lethbridge

As a partner I specialize in agriculture and tax (reorganizations, cross-border transactions, and estate planning) and I enjoy working with my partners, team members and clients in finding innovative solutions for their business needs. I love my job as it allows me to work with great people who are focused on making themselves and their businesses better.

Favorite Holiday
My wife and I backpacked for 4 months through South America and Europe seeing some of the warmest people and some of the most breath-taking views.

I Wish My Middle Name Was...
Rock'n as in 'This is Rock’n Rowland in the Morning.' Boo!!!

Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon
The Smurfs - and my favorite smurf was Handy Smurf. He just got things done; I like that.

Ideal Day Off
Relaxing on a beach with my children building sand castles and reading books.

Guilty Pleasure
Self-help books - I’m addicted, but I have a book for that now so it’s under control. 


Articles by Scott Rowland:

Scott Rowland Scott Rowland