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Brian Nelson, CPA, CA

Partner, Fort Macleod

Having worked in three different Avail CPA offices from East to West since starting with Avail CPA in 2005, I have been able to gain experience with a variety of different industries and varying client needs.

I particularly enjoy small business! I love my job because I can work in a fun team environment helping clients to achieve their potential and see results.

I Cheer For
The Calgary Flames… things are looking up! Go Flames Go! It’s entirely possible I may like them a bit too much.

If I Could Live Anywhere
It would be somewhere warm… with no winter…  oh, and where the wind doesn’t blow. I chose Fort Macleod…. yet somehow love it?

The Canada Food Guide Should Include
Potato chips. All of them. Especially Doritos Cool Ranch and Lay’s Barbeque. I have to force myself to save a few chips at the bottom of the bag so I can tell myself I really didn’t eat a whole bag in one sitting.

My Interests Include
Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, sports and most importantly, family (I have an awesome one).

Articles by Brian Nelson:

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