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Heather McCoy, CPA, CA

Manager, Taber

Having worked with Avail CPA full time since 2010 I have gained a wide variety of experience in the small business, farm, not-for-profit, and audit sectors. I particularly enjoy the challenge of the auditing world and enjoy helping clients solve problems and making their lives easier.

Favourite Word
“Curious” - a word I often use when puzzled by something. This can be attested to by one of my co-workers who pointed it out to me…   

Musical instruments
While I’m no concert pianist, I do enjoy playing the piano.

I Collect
Movie Tickets… why you might ask? I really have no idea, but I like movies and so I figure someday I can prove to my kids or grandkids that I really did see ‘that’ movie in theatres. 


Heather McCoy Heather McCoy