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Michelle Lutz, CPA, CA

Manager, Lethbridge

I joined the Avail CPA team in January 2011 and I’m currently working as a Supervisor in the Lethbridge Office. My career focus is specializing in audit; however, I love working with a wide range of clientele from non-profit organizations to larger corporations.

Pet Peeves
“Crummies!” Having crumbs left behind in the kitchen, living room, or any living space really, is just not right and the situation needs to be resolved immediately.

Best Vacation
Visiting Puamana, Maui is one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. The 2 week vacation was filled with family time, reading, running, biking, snorkeling, and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Favorite Hobbies
Running, books, and red wine!

Articles by Michelle Lutz:

Michelle Lutz Michelle Lutz