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Lynn Kenler

Manager, Fort Macleod

I started working at Avail CPA in February of 2003. At this time I was hired as an administrative assistant. In the past 10 years I have received my Advanced Certificate in Accounting and worked my way up to the Supervisor of the accounting department and the Human Resources representative in the Fort Macleod office.

I’m Passionate About
My family, I have two children who keep me and my husband very busy. My son is a baseball player and my social life is going out to watch him play, I love it. My daughter loves to dance and listen to music, she is so much like me and we have so much fun together. I am so proud of my children.

When I Retire
My husband Trevor and I want to attend a baseball game at every major league park…I realize this make take a few years. Definitely on my bucket list is to go to a game 7 of the World Series.

Dogs or Cats
I have two cats at home that drive me crazy and make me happy at the same time. I have always preferred cats but I love dogs too.

I Wish My Middle Name Was
When I was little I hated my middle name, I used to always tell my mom I was saving my money to change it. Now I think it is the best middle name I could have since it is the same as my Mother's, the best person I know.



Lynn Kenler Lynn Kenler