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Zach Keith, CPA

Manager, Lethbridge

“No one is ever going to read this.” – Zach Keith

If you made it this far, I am currently a supervisor at Avail CPA, and recently successfully completed the CPA program. I have experience with a wide variety of clients, from audits to agriculture, and enjoy helping out where I can. I keep myself busy outside of work with managing the Avail Tax Dodgers softball team and golfing in the summer, curling and snowboarding in the winter, and coaching football in the fall.

My dad was always a hard working, but fun loving guy. I feel like I got my sense of humor and work ethic from him, along with the classic Keith family good looks. He will always be my inspiration.

Sports Team
As you may have guessed from my profile picture, I cheer for Da Bears. If you have never seen SNL’s Bill Swerski’s Super Fans, you are missing out. I keep updating my profile and every time say Da Bears will improve, however, Da Bears are still no better than when I first started working at Avail CPA, but I got faith.

Places I Have Lived
When I was young, my family moved to Indonesia for 8 years. I was young, but remember pretty much everything about it. Living there allowed us to travel to places like Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

Articles by Zach Keith:

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