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Zach Keith, CPA

Manager, Lethbridge

“No one is ever going to read this.” – Zach Keith

If you have made it this far, you’re committed now and can’t turn back now. I have been with Avail CPA since 2014 after graduating from the University of Lethbridge. I am originally from the Okotoks area and have loved building a life in Lethbridge since 2010.

My professional experience has allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients and work in many different industries. I want to provide the service that you deserve and find the solutions to help your business succeed. My true passion has been working in the agribusiness sector and owner-managed businesses. I am the champion of the Avail Agriculture Team and enjoy the challenge of working with the many challenges producers face. I have taken on the role as Canadian Agribusiness Community of Practice Champion for Allinial Global and I am a member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors, which keep me up to date on the latest in the agribusiness sector.

In my experience, every company and individual have different needs, goals, and frustrations. You deserve someone who can be that trusted advisor that you look to for help tackle everything for you and I want to be that advisor.

My dad was always a hard working, but fun loving guy. I feel like I got my sense of humor and work ethic from him, along with the classic Keith family good looks. He will always be my inspiration.

Sports Team
As you may have guessed from my profile picture, I cheer for Da Bears. I've been a fan too long to quit now.

Places I Have Lived
When I was young, my family moved to Indonesia for 8 years. I was young, but remember pretty much everything about it. Living there allowed us to travel to places like Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

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Zach Keith Zach Keith