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Nadine Granson, CPA, CA

Principal, Lethbridge

I have been a Chartered Accountant with Avail CPA since 1993 (yes, that is 20 years – a long time, I know). For those 20 years I have been mainly concentrating in the auditing field. Lately however, I have switched some of my focus into the preparation of Final Returns and Estate Returns. I enjoy my job immensely (to stay for 20 years I hope so) because of the fact that I get to assist our clients in understanding and building better financial systems for their organizations. Many of the clients that I have worked with during my duration at Avail CPA have been on a long term basis.

I Spend All My Free Time...
With my kids at hockey and tennis. I am a “true hockey mom” and I apologize in advance for my behavior to anyone attending one of my boys' (Dylan and Brandon) hockey games. I am totally the opposite as a “true tennis mom”: very quiet and respectful (because tennis is sophisticated and they force me to behave that way). 

Surprising Fact
People are often surprised when I tell them that I do not drink coffee. Those same people also describe me as slightly high strung. Now do you understand why I am not allowed to drink coffee?

Hidden Talent
The one thing I am best at is crying during movies/TV shows. For instance, the movie "UP" was probably the worst movie for me. I ended up crying for the last hour of the movie to the point of hyper ventilating.

Bucket List
The biggest item on my bucket list is to take the family to the Australian Open (tennis, of course).  However, I have researched Australian wildlife and have noted that the most poisonous spiders and snakes are located there. With my great fear of spiders and snakes I am not sure I have chosen the correct travel plans. I may downgrade the trip to the U.S. Open instead.


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Nadine Granson Nadine Granson