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Rose Ginther, ACIA

Manager, Taber

I am a manager working with small business and farm clients for over 18 years and I’ve been with Avail CPA, with the exception of two years, since 1994. My job has very many facets to it and this is what keeps me enjoying my work. I particularly enjoy being able to help clients find solutions for their ongoing success.

Random Fact About Me
After years of taunting, I finally succumbed to joining Facebook. As my older brother said, “Welcome to the Dark Side”. To be honest, prior to joining, at family gatherings I was hearing about all the happenings in my quite large family and I wasn’t privy to any of it! That was the game changer. I decided to join and all my family, especially my young adult nieces and nephews, were my first friends. I wanted to see what they were all doing in their lives. It has been quite awesome to experience being a part of their world and them a part of mine. 

Guilty Pleasure
Savouring a coffee on my backyard deck on a sunny Saturday morning. Just envision 40-foot trees, green grass, birds singing … and a cup of Tim Horton’s.

Favorite Things to Do
I enjoy basketball and, being tall, this may seem to others to come easy for me. Being good at it takes a lot of practice and I’ve logged many hours on the hardcourt. Now, I’m able to use my skills and knowledge to give back to the community in coaching my daughters’ teams. I really enjoy seeing the kids improve and take an interest in the game, and in the teamwork it takes to be successful.

Favorite Amateur Sports Teams
U of A Golden Bears Basketball Team (‘Guba’ mascot on the ball!), SAIT Trojan Women’s Basketball Team (my nephew and niece play on these teams). Go Bears and Trojans!

Other Interests
Camping (my summer ‘sport’), scrapbooking and gardening. Of course family time is all related to everything I do.

Best Holiday Destination Ever
Love, love, love the Maritimes for its culture and laid-back lifestyle, including  its scenery, local pubs, and especially the lobster! 


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