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Courtney Gal, CPA

Supervisor, Lethbridge

I joined Avail CPA in January 2016 after graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Management with a major in Accounting. I am currently a part of the Avail Agriculture Team and enjoy expanding my knowledge in the agribusiness sector.

If I Weren’t an Accountant I’d be
A detective…. I have a small addiction to Dateline.

Worst Airport Story
In December of 2010 the Lethbridge Women’s Hockey team had a trip planned to travel to Europe. When we arrived at the airport in Calgary our first flight was delayed 3 hours, which resulted in us missing our connecting flight in Germany. Therefore we had to wait in the Frankfurt airport for 8 hours to catch the next flight to Munich (even though we could have drove there in 3 hours). When we finally caught the flight to Munich we realized once we got there that 54 pieces of luggage were missing. However we were told not to worry because 53 out of the 54 bags would be arriving at our hotel the next morning. Unfortunately for me my bag was the one bag that was missing. I did eventually get my lost luggage, however it wasn’t until a week into the trip!

How I Fit My Zodiac Sign
My zodiac sign is a Gemini which has a symbol of twins. This fits me because I have an identical twin sister. 

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