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Brett Ficiur, CPA

Manager, Lethbridge

I am currently a Supervisor in the Lethbridge Avail CPA office. I graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2013 with a Bachelor of Management in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French. I have been working for Avail CPA since September 2013 and obtained my CPA designation after writing the CFE in September 2016. If all that schooling wasn’t crazy enough, I obtained my FPSC level 1 certification in June 2017, which is a stepping stone to becoming a CFP professional. I plan on completing the CFP designation in 2018. 

At work, I am involved with small businesses, non-profits, personal tax and, going forward, financial planning. What I enjoy most about being an accountant is the ability to give people peace of mind. Tax forms, CRA issues and planning for the future can be overwhelming to people who aren’t familiar with them.  I love that I can simplify those things for clients.

I Cheer For
In a country and an office that are hockey crazy, I am a basketball fan. Go Raptors!

Favorite Cookie
Homemade Oreo, there’s really no competition.

Languages I Speak
Fluent Spanish and I can defend myself in French if I have to. (I’m also okay at English.)

I’m Passionate About
The outdoors. I enjoy hunting, fly fishing, camping, hiking, etc. The most gorgeous places on earth are the ones that are hard to get to. I never cease to be amazed by nature.


Articles by Brett Ficiur:

Brett Ficiur Brett Ficiur