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Chandra Deaust, CPA, CA

Partner, Lethbridge

I started my career with Avail CPA in 2005 and became a Partner in January 2017. I have focused my career in the field of non-profit auditing and small business services. I love getting to know my clients and the work that they do, and am extremely lucky to work with some really amazing people (clients and team members).

Favorite Smells
Vanilla, coconut, lilies and new binders (not even kidding!).

Zombies or Vampires
That’s a tough question! Both zombie and vampire movies are (usually) awesome. If I had to choose though, I guess I would prefer zombies.

Dogs or Cats
Dogs! 100%! I have an extremely lovable and entertaining French bulldog at home named Mr. Pink (after Steve Buscemi’s character in the movie Reservoir Dogs). Plus I’m allergic to cats so that helps make the decision easier.

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be…
Well I thought it would be something amazing like a tiger or octopus but I took an online quiz that rated me as a patch of moss and told me I needed to evolve… what does that mean!?


Articles by Chandra Deaust:

Chandra Deaust Chandra Deaust