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Chandra Deaust, CPA, CA

Partner, Lethbridge

I started my career with Avail CPA in 2005 and became a Partner in January 2017. I have focused my career in the field of non-profit auditing and small business services. For me, it’s not just about filing a tax return and preparing a financial statement, it’s about getting to know my clients and helping them reach their goals. I feel extremely lucky to work with some amazing people (clients and team members).

Favorite Smells
Vanilla, coconut, lilies and new binders. I’m very glad we are a paperless office, but I do miss the new binder smell.

I just want to be able to apparate (for anyone that is not a Harry Potter fan, it means immediately transporting to another place). I’d love to just “pop” day off at Disneyland, “pop” weekend in Hawaii, “pop” supper in Paris… It would be awesome!

If I Were an Animal, I Would Be…
When I originally wrote this profile, I took an online quiz that rated me as a patch of moss and told me I needed to evolve. Stupid quiz! Since that was several years ago, I’ve completed a new quiz. I’m now an otter; a big thinker with a vivid imagination and intelligence. That seems more like me. 

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Chandra Deaust Chandra Deaust